News about libzypp+libmetalink development

This week, I’ve been coding “another” MediaHandler class (called MediaMetalink and based from actual MediaCurl), wich first fetchs metalink file (generated via “mod_zrkadlo Download Redirector“), parses it using libmetalink library, and tries to download package using the first mirror: This is only one first version, and there are a lot work to improve this system and make it more robust (ex. if metalink files not exists it would use actual system, if first mirror fails, it would try to download the same file using another mirror, and so on….): But I think it’s an important step 🙂

On the other hand, yesterday, I upgraded my system to OpenSUSE 11.0 (thank you Dr. Poeml for your DVD ISO image): There are a lot of new changes in this new version (I think it’s not necessary to comment here these improvements, because I can’t add value to the pile of other sites that explains this better 🙂 ): However I can see than in this new version, cmake fails when it try to generate Makefile in libzypp branch. This morning I hope I can fix this 😉

This afternoon I will go to Cambrils (Catalan beach), until tuesday, and I will be completly offline: I think it will be fine a few holiday’s loading batteries under the sun, after weeks with a lot of work 🙂