OpenSUSE 10.3 in my old (and dusty) laptop

Finally, summer is here 🙂 And, after a lot of rainy days and some exams, my head is thinking in something most appropriated to this time, like:

Go to the beach (21-25 june) 🙂 , go to Renens (Switzerland) (chez mon frere 🙂 (28 June – 6 July) ), and, of course, hack libzypp to try to add Metalink support 🙂

For these reasons today I have spent some hours in backup some files and remove (forever) Windows partition in my old (and dusty 🙁 ) laptop, and install OpenSUSE 10.3 in this free place. Also I’ve installed all the needed software (= my new friends ) : gcc compiler, cmake, subversion client, etc..- I must remember, however, upgrade to OpenSUSE_11.0 new week 🙂

So, now, I can tell than I’m ready to travel and to enjoy this Google Summer of Code 🙂

Renens, this days (picture taken from

Renens, this days (picture from


Gerard Farràs i Ballabriga.