“Libzypp Download Failover” takes a more detailed form

Finally, seems than my GSoC project takes a more detailed form 😉

After a lot of discussions about “how” to implement the goal of the project (“Libzypp Download Failover”) via zypp-devel mailing list and #zypp channel at irc.freenode.net, we decided than:

* Libzypp will use “only” metalink files (and not Dinamic mirror lists).

* We can use libmetalink (a metalink parser library written in C by Tatsuhiro) to parse metalink files. (We think than this will be better than use external programs like aria2c).

* To download files, we can use, like right now, libcurl.

And… To devel metalink support within libzypp will be my goal in next weeks 🙂


Gerard Farràs i Ballabriga.